The Old Boat Skeleton 6:23 AM

Pool 6 pylons

Apple Tree

Milky Way over Silver Harbour near Thunder Bay

Partial Solar Eclipse, in Thunder Bay

Partial Solar Eclipse, in Thunder Bay

Shooting the eclipse

Milky Way over Mary Island from Silver Harbour near Thunder Bay

Valley Road Homestead under a Milky Way

Picnic Point Aurora 180 degree Pano, May 28, 2017

Picnic Point Aurora Pano, May 28, 2017

Chippewa Driftwood Long Expo

The Sleeping Giant Sunspot Pano

In the Flett Tunnel 1

April Ice Storm 15

April Ice Storm 14

April Ice Storm 10

April Ice Storm 8

April Ice Storm 5

Abandoned Bathtup

High Falls Long Expo 2017-03

Early March Sleeping Giant Sunrize

Pink Morning in the Bay of Thunder

Hibiscus flower

February Sunrise in Sturgeon Bay

Waning Crescent over Sturgeon Bay

February Thaw

Ice Trail Hikers

Upper Dog Falls at Silver Falls Provincial Park

Dog Falls at Silver Falls Provincial Park

Fort William Starch Works Cat Heaven

November Morning at the Marina

Driftwood attack

MIlky Way Selfie atop the Chimney

The Crescent Lake Creek

Snail Mail Contraption

Bee in the fall

The Road

Crescent Lake Golden Hour HDR Wide Pano

Fog Bow

Finger Point Trail View Panorama

Dutch Light; Northwestern Ontario

Milky Way at the Lutsen Resort, Lake Superioir

Aurora over Thunder Bay from Chippewa

Wolf River, an early autumn morning

Western Grain Elevator

Talking Falls whisper

Poppy, the cycle

Different kind of sunrise

Poplar RIver, Lutsen

Stargazing at the Cascades (with Dave) 2

Summer Morning in Lehtonen's Bay

Picnic Point Summer Night

The Chimney Selfie

Picnic Point Summer Night

The Old Boat


Spring 2016 5

Spring 2016 6

Spring 2016 1

Spring 2016 2

The Old Boat in B&W

Sunset in the High Falls` mist

My Favourite Piece of Driftwood, the Giant and A Thuderstorm

Red Fox in spring

Red Chippewa Sunset

Dave beaming up

Racing West

Hattie Cove Starlight, re-processed

The Tee Harbour Rock

Long Shadows

Planet Pukaskwa, Southern Headland Midnight Panorama, second pro

Southern Headland Midnight Panorama, 2nd processing

Emo farm

Frozen Fractals 01

City Glow and Sunrise all in one

Frozen Fractals 06

Orange February Sunrise

High Falls, Pigeon River

The Milky Way Galactic Centre rising behing Carp River Road Clif

Spring in February

Sunlit Moraine Falls, Monochrome

Thunder Bay Harbour Lighthouse

Winter Morning Abstract

New Year's Eve, Inspiration Bay

Winter Morning Hike at Kakabeka Falls 2

Winter Morning Hike at Kakabeka Falls 5

November Milky Way from the Pass Lake Train Trestle, Take 1

Winter Morning Hike at Kakabeka Falls 1

Winter Morning Hike at Kakabeka Falls 7

Sunlit edge of the Moraine Falls

Big Red Sky, Point Place 2

Sunset over Grand Marais Lighthouse Breakwall

Moraine Falls at Sunrise

The Mornig has Broken, Winter Photography


Birch Tree

November Middlebrun Sunrise 2

Big Red Sky, Point Place

Night Atop the Pass Lake Train Trestle 2

Big Sky

November Milky Way from the Pass Lake Train Trestle

November Middlebrun Sunrise

Ridgeway Fog II

Night Atop the Pass Lake Train Trestle

Tug Boat in Fog

The Conjunction of Venus and Mars Beteen the Moon and Jupiter th

Ridgeway Fog

Remnants of the old Starch Factory

Zombieland; The Fort William Starch Company

Pano of the Fort William Starch Company at sunset

Sunset and broken glass; The Fort William Starch Company

The Road

Aspen Motion II, Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay, Another Time, Another Sunrise

Lonely Autumn

Aspen Motion Absract

Sturgeon Island from Picnic Point

Fall has come

Hidden Eclipse

Dave gazing at wreck 1

Foggy Morning in Sturgeon Bay, with foreground, vertical

A Floating Leaf

Red Sunset

The Sleepimg Giant, a vintage Classic

Mt McKay Southern Rock Slide

FWFN Nightscape Stacked Panorama


Northern Lights in the CIty Overhead 08

360 Polar Pano Cascades Night

360 Cascades Night

Norah Aurora

The Cascades

Sea Lion basking in Summer Nigh Sunset's glow

Moonlit Perry Bay, sunset glow

Glowing Horizon

At the end of the storm -landscape

Overhead Pano of Milky Way at the Pinacles view 2

Blood Red Sun

The Dorion Tower, Light Painted

Jonathan Coons Photography in action

At the end of the storm -landscape

The Dorion Pinnacles

Green Frog on a Green Leaf, North American Grey Tree Frog

Misty Hattie Cove

Wild Rose

Tiger Lili

Lake of the Woods Summer Aurora - Looking Up 01

Sunrise Pukaskwa

Early Morning Summer Aurora

Southern Headland Midnight Panorama

Horseshoe Beach

Hattie Cove Starlight - vertical panorama

Midnight - panorama

Daisies at Mt McKay

Spirit Mountain

Moon over Thunder Bay from Silver Harbour

a stormy day

Trestle Shadow, Pass Lake

Meandering Creek


What did your plant have for breakfast?

Pass Lake Trestle

Late May 9, Crab apple blossoms


Inside the Talking Falls

Talking Falls, Monochrome

Late May 4, blossoms and the setting sun

Bumble Bee

Late May 5, cluster of buds

Late May 3, the blast

Birch Bark

Water and Sky

Talking Falls

Middlebrun Red Coastal Rocks

Knox (Pruden) United Church Pruden St.View

Spring Snowflakes

Middlebrun Channel Point

Red Dawn

Red Cliffs, White Cedars

The Arch

Middlebrun Channel

Red Rocks of Middlebrun Bay

Isabella Flower Arrangement

3 Islands

Boreal Forest

232 Simpson St. TEXTURE

White Cedar

Morning Glow

Churh for Sale!

Spring Frozen Crescent

Simpson Street Back Alley II - Texture

Fenced In

McMillan Back Alley Shed

Hardisty Street Warehouse

For Sale

Simpson Street Back Alley

Happy Spring!

Lutsen Resort


Gloomy Day

Apple Tree

St. Ansgarius Anglican and Our Saviour's Lutheran Church


Carp River

Half Moon

Thunder Bay Conservatory Study 4

Thunder Bay Conservatory Study 1

Perry Bay Aurora, Sleeping Giant WIDE Pano

Northern Lights at the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Black and Gold, the Fingers of God

Sea lion in the Dark

Pass Lake Train Trestle Aurora

Panorama: Perry Bay Aurora, Sleeping Giant

Moonset before Sunrise, the Lutsen Rock

James Street Swing Bridge

Spring Thaw

The old fishing dock

Sunset from an Airplane Window with iPhone Plus

Monolith in the Midnight Sun

Sunflower in February

Sun sets behind the giant

Ice pancake, Middlebrun Bay

Marie Louise Lake

Middlebrun Bay Sunset II

Middlebrun Bay Sunset

The Skeleton

Moon Over Thunder Bay from Silver Harbour

Lehtonen's Bay

Tee Harbour, the Southwestern Bay

Weird December

Midnight Freeze at Silver Harbour

Moon Shadows

Ice Formations before sunrise

Frozen Point before sunrise

Crescent Lake

Pigeon River

Pigeon River

Pine Needles



High Falls

Still Life

Grand Marais Harbour in Late November

Freezing Over

Artist Point Grand Marais

Red Fan

November Morning Victoria Ave.

Angry Trout cloaked in fog, Grand Marais, MN

The End

The rock

B&W Mood Study 5

B&W Mood Study 4

B&W Mood Study 3

B&W Mood Study 1

Inukshuk Glow

At the Loch Lomond Dam

James Street Bridge

Maple Leaf

The Waking Giant

Frosty Morning

Under the Bridge

Kaministiquia River

Friday Morning, Oct 10

Upper Little Falls II

Great Grey Owl III

Sailboats in Tee Harbour

Yellow Birch

boreal morning rays

waking of the giant

boreal morning

American red squirrel

Upper Little Falls

Tree budding in October

Saturday Evening

MacKenzie Point Aurora

Crescent Reflection

Crescent Reflection

Sunday Morning

Crescent Reflection

MacKenzie Point Aurora

Hanging on...

MacKenzie Point Aurora

Wild Sunflower Bud

Light Pollution Assistant, Inspiration

Accidental illumination; Chippewa Road Beach



Mts McKay and Machett

2 mile point cliffs

2 mile point sunset and moon

Bee at work

The Dorion Pinnacles

Pinnacles, the Dorion Tower

Mts McKay and Machett

Rays over Kamanistiqua River Basin

View from Mt McKay ski hill


Dock Spider babies

Dock Spider and family

Ouimet Canyon



The Rock


Squaw Bay Cliffs

Artist's Point



Harbour before a storm

Grand Marais Light House

Angry Trout cloaked in fog, Grand Marais, MN

Gangster's last ride

Reed, Crescent Lake Outlet

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Mt. Rose

Crescent Lake FWFN

Squaw Bay Cliffs

Canada Geese

Morning Haze

Morning Clouds

Evening falls on a juniperberry bush

dandylion after rain

The Sheild; a 2.6 billion years old hunk of rock

MacKenzie Point at Sunset

a rock on the beach

monochrome monolith

Decaying boat

Squaw Bay Rocks

Point Place Driftwood


Through a fence

Norah Street Flowers

Seven Oaks I

On the way to Emo

After Rain; zlatý déšť

After Rain

High Falls B&W

A tulip in the rain

After Rain

High Falls II

High Falls I

High Falls Trail


soon to be gone

Bursting Out

Rusty Old Boad, Looking West


Rusty Old Boad

Winter Flowers

Moon Shadows

Red Sun

Sunburst Through the Sea Lion

North East Tee Harbour I

The Sleeping Giant’s Sea Lion

Golden Morning Breaks

Mount McKay


Swing Bridge, Frozen River

7 minutes before

41 minutes later

waking of the giant

St. Paul's Anglican Church

a selfie

Botanical Conservatory 1

Botanical Conservatory 6

Frozen Island

Cool Mist

The Point

Winter Trees


La Fata Morgana


Tait Road

Brule Bay, Lake Superior

lamp post

Pinewood River


Gerula's Shack

Gloomy December

Alien Forest

Old Town Rooftops Prague

Summer daisies


rocks and the giant

Road Marker

City Lights



Tee Harbour Creek

MacKenzie Point September Sunrise

Back Lane Passage

purple bells

Tee Harbour

Farm Equipment

The Edge

The Other Side of Giant

Sailboats in Tee Harbour

Where a Lake used to be...

Foggy Sunrise

Cedar Falls

at water's edge

Lake Superior

a strawberry leaf

Sky lights

Blacksmith's tools

Fingers of God

Crescent Lake Midnight


Cultural Heritage

Hunted House in the Daylight

Pither's Willow

Pither's Oaks


Crescent Lake Sunset

Silver & Gold

Red Rock

a bunch of grass

Where a Dock Once Stood

Apple Orchard in Fog

Black Bay, Nuttall Island


The Squaw Bay Church

Nuttall Island, Last Sunlight

Upper Little Falls

Squaw bay at midnight

Pro Alignment & Repairs

Shipyard Road Bridge

Grain Elevators

CP Rail Locomotive

The Green Gate

Milky Way in Brule Bay

Lower Little Falls

Self portrait

Small Falls Pool Swirl II


Little Falls

Chippewa Bay at Dusk

McVicar Creek Rainbow Trout run

Mt McKay Spring Waterfall

Tofte Oce Formations II

Waiting for Spring

Fishing Hut, Lake Superior


Moon Shadow

Black Bay Aurora


Moonrise & Aurora

Great Grey Owl in Flight III

Spring Rush


Tofte Ice Formations

Tofte Oce Formations VI

Tofte Oce Formations V

Tofte Ice Formations III

Fishing Shack, posterized

Great Grey Owl in Flight

Silver Falls

Broken: Sustainable Forest Management

devon township abandonment 01, Pardee Road

Hawk Bay Inlet

The Fire Bell

Inside a Skeleton

Memories of Spring

Skeleton 2

l'heure bleue II

l'heure bleue

Skeleton 1

still life

Pool 6 Loading Pier East View

Pool 6 Loading Pier

death of graffiti

Thunder Bay Lighthouse


Prints in the Snow

In the Shade

The Sea Lion

Trowbridge Island Composition

Perry Bay

Mission Island Shadows

Old Grain Elevators

Shipwreck's Skeleton

Ice Needle


Eastern Wind

Good Morning Thunder Bay

Fishing Boat

a pyramid

The Red Boat

Simple Equilibrium

Fire & Ice

Glowing Hulk

Spring in January Block of Ice

MacKenzie Point Outcrop

January Juniper Bush

Winter Calm

Menacing Skies

Last Daylight

Kakabeka Little Falls

After Sunset


Fall Colours in the Squaw Bay; Fallen Rock

Fall Colours in the Squaw Bay II

A Gorge

Dividing Line

Under and Over

Chippewa Park Bay

Grand Marais Lighthouse at Sunset


A River Runs Through It

Water on Mars

Rock Balancing, Grand Marais

The Bay

Grand Marais Sunset

Cabin in the Woods

Kakabeka Falls after a storm

Small spirit of the falls

Canadian Bush

LIly Patch

Canoe Shop

Old Logging Camp

This one bumped the glump...

Harvey Neelon shipwreck; so they say...

Unknown Shipwreck

Driftwood, wet rocks

The Sea Lion Shore


Elephant rests in the green lagoon

Lili & Daisy


Canada A.M.


Sea Monster

Nanabozho Dawn


a resting place

green & yellow

Playing with Sun

Koláčky; my father's day treat

something is missing...

Jackknife Bridge Gears

fire in the sky

secret ground


Beaver country, mosquito heaven



front yard explorations

five pines

a white picket fence

papaver orientale

sun sets, moon rizes...

Mt. McKay sunset

three pines

The Old Ski Hill

Current River


pine point

the other side


The Unswing Bridge

The Remnants of a Glorious Past

Obscured Supermoon

Sunset, Fully Open


Neskantaga Sunrize

The Bay of Thunder






White Oak, Red Dawn

Ghost Town

The Colours of Snow

Kakabeka Falls

The Creek





Sleeping Apple Trees

Brule Bay Sunrise

Memories of Spring


Lonely and Cold

Basking in Light


North-western Ontario Moment

Monarch in the Making



Shades of Orange

Simpson Street on Sunday Afternoon

October Sky