Western Grain Elevator

The Old Boat


Red Fan

Remnants of the old Starch Factory

Zombieland; The Fort William Starch Company

Hunted House in the Daylight

November Morning Victoria Ave.

Jackknife Bridge Gears

Foggy Morning in Sturgeon Bay, with foreground, vertical

Pano of the Fort William Starch Company at sunset

Hidden Eclipse

James Street Bridge


Canada Geese

Rusty Old Boad, Looking West

soon to be gone

Rusty Old Boad


Sunset and broken glass; The Fort William Starch Company

Back Lane Passage

The Remnants of a Glorious Past

Poplar RIver, Lutsen

The Old Boat in B&W

Farm Equipment


Blacksmith's tools

Cultural Heritage

The Green Gate

Fishing Shack, posterized

Inside a Skeleton

devon township abandonment 01, Pardee Road

still life

Skeleton 1

Skeleton 2

Pool 6 Loading Pier

Pool 6 Loading Pier East View

Old Grain Elevators

Canoe Shop

Unknown Shipwreck

The Unswing Bridge


Simpson Street Back Alley II - Texture

Fenced In

Hardisty Street Warehouse

For Sale

Simpson Street Back Alley

The Old Boat Skeleton 6:23 AM