Pool 6 pylons

Milky Way over Mary Island from Silver Harbour near Thunder Bay

Valley Road Homestead under a Milky Way

Apple Tree

Milky Way over Silver Harbour near Thunder Bay

Partial Solar Eclipse, in Thunder Bay

Partial Solar Eclipse, in Thunder Bay

Shooting the eclipse

Picnic Point Aurora 180 degree Pano, May 28, 2017

Picnic Point Aurora Pano, May 28, 2017

Chippewa Driftwood Long Expo

Abandoned Bathtup

April Ice Storm 14

The Sleeping Giant Sunspot Pano

April Ice Storm 10

High Falls Long Expo 2017-03

Early March Sleeping Giant Sunrize

Pink Morning in the Bay of Thunder

Hibiscus flower

February Sunrise in Sturgeon Bay

Waning Crescent over Sturgeon Bay

February Thaw

Ice Trail Hikers

Upper Dog Falls at Silver Falls Provincial Park

Dog Falls at Silver Falls Provincial Park

Fort William Starch Works Cat Heaven

November Morning at the Marina

MIlky Way Selfie atop the Chimney

The Crescent Lake Creek

Snail Mail Contraption

Bee in the fall

The Road

Milky Way at the Lutsen Resort, Lake Superioir

Crescent Lake Golden Hour HDR Wide Pano

Fog Bow

Talking Falls whisper

Finger Point Trail View Panorama

Wolf River, an early autumn morning

Western Grain Elevator

Dutch Light; Northwestern Ontario

Aurora over Thunder Bay from Chippewa

Poppy, the cycle

Different kind of sunrise

Poplar RIver, Lutsen

Stargazing at the Cascades (with Dave) 2

Summer Morning in Lehtonen's Bay

Picnic Point Summer Night

The Chimney Selfie

Picnic Point Summer Night

The Old Boat


Spring 2016 6

Spring 2016 1

The Old Boat in B&W

Sunset in the High Falls` mist

My Favourite Piece of Driftwood, the Giant and A Thuderstorm

Red Fox in spring

Red Chippewa Sunset

The Lone Tree, early March Aurora (9-shot panorama)

Hattie Cove Starlight, re-processed

Dave beaming up

Racing West

Running in snowshoes with a flashlight

The Tee Harbour Rock

Planet Pukaskwa, Southern Headland Midnight Panorama, second pro

Frozen Fractals 01

Orange February Sunrise

Frozen Fractals 06

Southern Headland Midnight Panorama, 2nd processing

Long Shadows

High Falls, Pigeon River

Spring in February

Sunlit Moraine Falls, Monochrome

Thunder Bay Harbour Lighthouse

Winter Morning Abstract

New Year's Eve, Inspiration Bay

Winter Morning Hike at Kakabeka Falls 2

Winter Morning Hike at Kakabeka Falls 5

November Milky Way from the Pass Lake Train Trestle, Take 1

Winter Morning Hike at Kakabeka Falls 7

The Milky Way Galactic Centre rising behing Carp River Road Clif

Sunlit edge of the Moraine Falls

Big Red Sky, Point Place 2

Sunset over Grand Marais Lighthouse Breakwall

The Mornig has Broken, Winter Photography


Birch Tree

Night Atop the Pass Lake Train Trestle 2

Zombieland; The Fort William Starch Company

November Middlebrun Sunrise

Tug Boat in Fog

The Conjunction of Venus and Mars Beteen the Moon and Jupiter th

Ridgeway Fog

Remnants of the old Starch Factory

Aspen Motion II, Sturgeon Bay

Lonely Autumn

Sturgeon Island from Picnic Point

Foggy Morning in Sturgeon Bay, with foreground, vertical

Driftwood attack

The Old Boat Skeleton 6:23 AM