Ice Trail Hikers

Upper Dog Falls at Silver Falls Provincial Park

The Tee Harbour Rock

Emo farm

Dog Falls at Silver Falls Provincial Park

Moon Over Thunder Bay from Silver Harbour

High Falls

Thunder Bay Harbour Lighthouse

Moonset before Sunrise, the Lutsen Rock

Sunlit edge of the Moraine Falls

Pass Lake Train Trestle Aurora

Orange February Sunrise

The Sleeping Giant’s Sea Lion

Winter Morning Abstract

Frozen Fractals 01

The Lone Tree, early March Aurora (9-shot panorama)

Spring in February

Sunlit Moraine Falls, Monochrome

Monolith in the Midnight Sun

Pinewood River

Skeleton 1

Weird December

Ice pancake, Middlebrun Bay

Sea lion in the Dark

41 minutes later

Lehtonen's Bay

Ice Formations before sunrise

Tee Harbour, the Southwestern Bay

Frozen Island

Pigeon River

The Fire Bell

waking of the giant

Sunset over Grand Marais Lighthouse Breakwall

Golden Morning Breaks

7 minutes before

Cool Mist

lamp post


Winter Morning Hike at Kakabeka Falls 7

Gerula's Shack

Alien Forest

Gloomy December

Sunburst Through the Sea Lion

Simple Equilibrium

Great Grey Owl in Flight

Tofte Ice Formations

Winter Trees

Tofte Oce Formations VI

Eastern Wind

Fire & Ice

Ghost Town

Moon Shadows